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Q: We have a Kenmore Water Softener and last weekend when the time changed I forgot to reset the clock on it. Yesterday when I got up I took a shower and didn't realize it was regenerating at the time. Last night we didn't have soft water so I manually regenerated it. This morning when showering and this evening we still don't seem to have soft water. Any suggestions?
A: Hello, Your water heater will have hard water in the tank unless you have a tank-less heater. You may drain the heater according to manufacturer’s directions or run hot water until the tank is depleted. This will allow your heater to fill with soft water, providing the softener is working properly. To determine if the softener is working, you may take a sample each of untreated, hot soft and cold soft water to the retail store where you purchased the unit. Aqua Systems has a location in Lincoln, Nebraska. You may contact them at 402-466-6800 if you need assistance with repair or replacement options. Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: Last September I installed a water softener for the brand new house without any previous experience of water softeners. When my wife complained limescale around, I found all water softeners need periodic regeneration. Water hardness 20 and daily use about 180 Gallon/day Per the manual, I set up an automatic regeneration now. Is there anything else for me to do more now?
A: You may contact Aqua Systems of Northfield, Minnesota at 507-645-6332. The store is open 8 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday and is located at 32018 Dahomey Avenue. Testing the untreated water, hot and cold through the water softener would determine if the unit is working properly. If the unit is not an Aqua Systems, please have the model and owner’s manual available and we will try to help. Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: Hi, we just purchased a house that has an Aqua Systems system on the outside of the house. We were curious how much it would cost someone to come out and inspect our system to see if it is still in good working condition. We think it may be a reverse osmosis and water softener system. Additionally, since our system is on the exterior of the house we noticed that the top of the water softener is easily accessed. We found a few ants and spiders floating around. Is there away to provide a better seal, and, also, is there a way to get a system that can be locked to avoid any unwanted/accidental tampering by wildlife? We are also curious if Aqua Systems provides any way to remove the sulfuric odor from our water. Thanks, Mike Siebenaler 507-301-1134
A: Your request has been sent to Aqua Systems of Tampa, FL.  They may be reached at 813-223-7798. Thanks for your inquiry.