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Partial Customer List

Since 1959, Aqua Systems has been providing high quality water treatment products.

Formulating Softened Water

These water softener systems offer automatic hardness blend formulation of treated water.

Water Softener for College Dorm Residence Hall

This triplex water softener system features progressive flow demand and direct (brine) regenerate feed from an exterior bulk salt unit.

RO on Demand

This packaged RO water system features fully assembled equipment piped and wired for minimal installation and quick start.

Air Scour Iron Filters

This triplex iron filter system designed by Aqua Systems is for a small community of 27 homes.

Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI)

Aqua Systems provides high quality service deionization systems configured individually to meet your demanding application.

DI on Demand

This fully assembled DI system allows a user to obtain high quality DI water as needed.

Industrial Water Softener System

This 1200 gpm plus water softening system is packed with operating versatility. Design features include variable flow on demand, user friendly PLC controls, and brine recovery.

On-Site Training

Understanding, knowledge and experience are the main ingredients to maintaining water treatment systems.

Packaged Water Treatment System for Boiler Feed

This packaged Plug and Play system features multi-media filters and water softening units.